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Cowboy Cauldron "The Dude" 24-Inch Diameter Steel Cauldron Fire Pit

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Product Description

THE DUDE® is our newest and most portable Cauldron -- and is a proud addition to our lineup.

Don’t think for one minute that THE DUDE® is a lesser quality product than our larger offerings. It is burly enough to last your entire lifetime and beyond. It’s made of the same solid plate steel, and is made with the same degree of care. But with a 24-inch, 35-pound basin and segmented legs, it is scaled to fit almost any lifestyle. Camping, in your RV, at the tailgate party, ski hill, beach, or on your patio,

THE DUDE® gives you the ability to enjoy live fire anywhere, in a clean, convenient, beautiful package.

Even though it has only been available for a short while, take a look at our customers have to say about it. The reviews speak for themselves.

Unlike our larger units, 

THE DUDE® delivers to your doorstep via FedEx Ground (Domestic Orders) for only $89. 

What's Included

  • Cauldron Basin 24", 35lbs
  • Tripod Frame
  • Suspension Chain
  • Charcoal Grate
  • Cooking Grill
  • Rain Cover


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