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Osburn 2500 Pellet Stove

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The new Osburn 2500 pellet stove is an entry-level appliance, roughly comparable to the 3000 model, whose appearance is more like that of a conventional wood stove. Although slightly different in some respects than its congener, it still retains the same distinctive signs of the brand.

This pellet stove is made from high-quality materials: Canadian steel of a higher grade, glass ceramic imported from Germany, heat exchangers made of stainless steel and thermosetting powder paint. Despite these real assets, worthy of a remarkable design, this product is offered at a very competitive price in addition to being eligible for certain credits and programs (government incentives).

Responding largely to the next highest standards of solid fuels and environmental protection, the Osburn 2500 has an incredibly low average of particles emission rate below 0.96 g/h.

Thanks to easy installation, intuitive electronic control and easy to use thermostatic control, the Osburn 2500 is for anyone who wants nothing complicated. It is also easy to clean with access to removable components without tools.


Fuel type : Pellet (Premium grade or better) (2)
Recommended heating area-ft² : () 500 - 2,000
Hopper capacity : 60 lb (27kg)
Maximum burn time : () 51 h
Maximum heat input rate : (3) 39,260 BTU/h (11.5 kW)
Overall heat output rate < : (4) 6,648 BTU/h (1.95 kW) to 28,540 BTU/h (8.36 kW)
Average overall efficiency : (5) 70.3 % (HHV) (6) 75.8 % (LHV) (7)
Optimum efficiency : (8) (9) 78.4%
Burn rate : 1.2 - 4.7 lb/h
Average particulate emissions rate : (10) 0.96 g/h
Average CO : (11) 7.6 g/h
Average electrical power consumption for ignition cycle :(12) 2.60A (312W)
Average electrical power consumption for continuous operation : (12) 1.3A - 2.5A (51W - 140W)



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